What To Expect KPG

IImagine a class filled with laughter while working with FIRE. This is what you can expect when you arrive at one of my classes; and sometimes there is a little wine too (couldn’t hurt).

I can not imagine a better career than having the opportunity to share my knowledge while having fun. I love to share everything I know how to do, from teaching kindergarteners how to save money as a Junior Achievement volunteer to teaching friends how to make Vietnamese food in my kitchen to my passion for jewelry making. I can't help myself. I only do things I love and believe in, and sharing my passions is the ultimate reinforcement.

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exit glacier great wall of china  

a little about My Journeys

My taste for travel started young with our first family trip to Europe at the age of 14. Since then I have had the privilege of traveling to more than 30 countries and visiting ALL 50 states. Today as I work on my bucket list of experiences, I continue to add to the list of countries and am on my second round of the 50.
Travel has afforded me the opportunity to not only see some amazing sites but meet people from all walks of life. These experiences have widened my vision of humanity as I strive to live a life of compassion and understanding.

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